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Freedom of Information Law


Every citizen or resident has the right to receive information from a public authority in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Receiving information – including perusal, viewing, listening, copying, photographing, receiving a computer printout, or receiving information in any other way, in accordance with the type of information and the manner of its storage.

The commissioner in charge of the freedom of information law’s implementation – Ms. Moria Vaknin

A request to receive information may be submitted through the “Contact us” form on this website.



The submission of a request involves the payment of a fee, payable at any postal bank branch or by bank transfer to The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd. Beinleumi Bank, branch 114 account number 358061 (fees for freedom of information law).


Request fee – 20 ILS which must be transferred along with the request form, by check payable to The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd.


Handling fee – 30 ILS per hour of work locating the information, sorting it, or any other handling of the request starting from the fourth hour of work. This fee will be paid by a payment voucher sent to the requestor after the handling of the request had been completed.


Production fee

0.2 ILS per each photocopied page or computer printout produced.

2.5 ILS for a computer disc delivered.

Recorded, filmed, or photographed information – the requestor will bear the cost of producing or copying the information.


Commitment to incur the cost of the fees

The submitter of a request to receive information will be obligated to incur the cost of the handling fee and production fee up to a sum of 150 ILS.