The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd

The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd


1. Performance of urgent intermediate protections due to the rising levels of water at the western shore of the Dead Sea’s southern basin (pool no. 5).

2. Performance of shore defenses which are complementary to the permanent solution (salt harvest)

3. Accompaniment and surveillance of performance of harvesting alignment by Dead Sea Works.

4. Planning and development of Ein Boqeq and Hamei Zohar tourist centers and the area between them.

5. Management and performance of tasks for the state as part of the issue of ground instability in the Dead Sea region.

The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company will act to respond and perform tasks in all that relates to the handling of ground instability issues in the Dead Sea region in accordance with the work orders issued by the Ministry of Tourism as they are received from time to time.

At this stage there are no points of contact between the activity by the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company and the various projects being examined by these and other entities whose purpose is halting the decrease in the Dead Sea’s water level. At the same time, given the developments in the preservation project and if necessary, the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company will act to provide a response as required.

The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company is a government company fully owned by the State of Israel. The company serves as the government’s executive arm for the matter of preserving the Dead Sea and among its roles is to put into practice the policy for dealing with problems as indicated by the steering committee and approved by government of Israel. The preservation project is exclusively managed by the Dead Sea Preservation Government Company. At the same time, due to the fact that the preservation project is in an area where Dead Sea Works operates by power of the Dead Sea Concession Law 5721 – 1961 (which is currently set to remain in force until 2030), there is coordination with Dead Sea Works as well as with other entities involved in the project including: the Dead Sea Hotels Union, the Tamar Regional Council, environmentalist groups, national infrastructure companies, and others. The company aspires to work in collaboration with all relevant entities.

The salt harvest – scraping the salt accumulated at the bottom of the pond. The company has examined 3 alternatives, along with all of the complex implications and aspects of each by an international planning company among the leading in its field, and in the end the salt harvest alternative was selected and became valid following the government decision.