The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd

The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd

The future of the Dead Sea

Following the decision (4254) made by the Israeli Government in which the government placed on the Dead Sea Preservation Government   Company the responsibility for the regional development and rehabilitation of the tourism shoreline in the hotel areas of Ein Boqeq and Hamei Zohar, the company is vigorously acting to upgrade and rebuild the region with the intent of maintaining the Dead Sea as a modern and attractive tourism valley combining the old with the new.

As part of the development works a stunning new promenade was established, bathing facilities and innovative attractions open to the general public have been added, including special lagoons and even a one of a kind beach for religious and observant visitors. Additionally, the beaches have been made accessible to the general public and handicapped individuals.

The company is currently engaged in the planning and executing of a new tourism strip and unique hotel center to be built in the area.

Parallel to this and alongside the investment in developing tourism infrastructures the company is at work on elevating and improving the infrastructure of Road 90 which leads to the recreational area.

Click on the photo below for a link to a presentation describing our activity promoting the statutory plan to develop and rehabilitate the tourism center.